Musée d'Aquitaine

Musee d'Aquitaine

The Museum of Aquitaine vividly illustrates the history of Bordeaux and the region of Aquitaine from prehistoric times to the present day. The museum has exceptional pieces of antiquity, including the Laussel Venus, an artifact from 25,000 BC, Gallic gold coins from around the 2nd century BC, and a 3rd-century statue of Hercules. Other highlights include the 13th-century figure of a knight of Curton and the 16th-century Montaigne's tomb. The monument to Montaigne once stood at the entrance of the museum, and visitors would touch the statue's foot as a ritual to "absorb" the wisdom of the illustrious man. For a peek into everyday life of Bordeaux during the 20th century, be sure to view the Reconstructed Grocer's Shop filled with superb replicas of furniture, accessories, and foodstuffs from the 1900s. You'll find a cash register, coffee grinder, tinned fruits and vegetables, pots of mustard, terrines of foie gras, jars of bonbons, and a display of lollipops.

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